Dr. Guillermo Hernandez

Ars = Art in latin
Plastica = To mold or to shape

We are a team of professionals headed by Dr. Guillermo Hernandez Gonzalez, Plastic Surgeon Certified by the Mexican Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic, trained in Mexico and abroad.

Our mission is to provide first class plastic surgery, offering the latest surgical techniques in an environment of security for each patient. Our vision of how it should be done plastic surgery emphasizes not skimp on materials and human resources that could endanger the health or life. Each patient will be provided with several hours in the office to clarify doubts and to plan in detail the surgical procedure to be convinced, both the physician and the patient, who has a well-defined project.

It is our opinion that the most important moment of the surgery is performed not in the operating room, but in the office: a careful planning, coupled with a close communication between doctor and patient, to minimize surprises, or unexpected results. Each head is different, and the concept of what is aesthetic is not universal. It is important to identify the needs and expectations of each patient individually. They are discussed scarring, recovery time and complications.

We hope that each patient is comfortable at all times, knowing who commits himself and his life in professional and trained personnel, not opportunistic charlatans who give a bad name to our specialty.

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