The surgical intervention of the nose is called rhinoplasty. Most frequent nasal problems include a dorsal hump, septal deviations, wide nasal base or tip, lack of tip definition, or traumatic deformities. Most rhinoplasties are performed under general anesthesia but are outpatient procedures. Recovery time varies from case to case, but usually implies having skin tapes for 2-3 weeks, and sometimes nasal packing for a couple of days.
Aesthetic results can be observed at 1 month, although a complete recovery from inflammation is expected at 1 year post-op.
During the evaluation, a functional assessment of the nose is important to rule out problems that should be addressed during the surgical intervention.
Dr. Hernández emphasizes the importance of obtaining natural results in each patient, in harmony with each patient’s facial features. He tries to avoid results that look “fake” or operated.